Percentage Viability Spermatozoa in Post-Thawing Boer Buck Semen with Addition of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to Tris Yolk Extender

Sukma Aditya Sitepu, Zaituni Udin, . Jaswandi, . Hendri

Page: 1-5
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A Study on Production Performance of Local Ducks and Identifying the Constraints of Duck Rearing at Farmer’s Level

F. Kabir, A. Rahman, H. Biswas

Page: 6-11
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Synergistic Effect of Probiotic and Enzyme on Physical Evaluation and Consumers Preference of Broiler Chickens

P. E. Emennaa, D. O. Oshibanjo, N. M. Sati, J. J. Mbuka, A. C. Nwamo, H. Haliru, S. B. Ponfa, A. K. Adeniyi, T. Aluwong

Page: 12-17
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