Buffalo Husbandry for Sustainable Development of Small Farmers in India and other Developing Countries

Narayan G. Hegde

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Performance and Health Status of Arbor Acres Broiler Chickens Raised with Routine Administration of Fluoroquinolones

O. A. Faleye

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Human and Animal Trypanosomiasis in Lambwe Valley Foci, Kenya– Current Situation and Latent Trypanotolerance

Ng’wena Gideon Magak, Willis Onyango Okoth, Owiti George Michael, Onyango Kennedy, Owiti O. Thedeus, Bob Awino, Willis Oyieko, Christopher Khayeka-Wandabwa, Odero Wilson

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Comparison of Two Mathematical Models to Describe the Rumen Fermentation Parameters of Some Sources of Plant and Animal Protein Using in Vitro Gas Method

Elnaz Ghaffari Chanzanagh, Jamal Seifdavati, Farzad Mirzaei Aghjeh Gheshlagh, Hosein Abdibenemar, Reza Seyedsharifi

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Assessment of Ethno-veterinary Practices among Cattle Herders in Zuru, Kebbi State, Nigeria

A. M. Sakaba, S. M. Isgogo, S. Hamisu, A. M. Ardo, L. U. Fakai

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