Comparison of the Immunogenicity and Pathogenicity of a Genetically Engineered Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Vaccine and Two Commercial Live Vaccines in Chickens with Maternal Antibodies

Erfan Ullah Chowdhury, Momota Rani Paul, Shukes Chandra Badhy, M. Rafiqul Islam

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Effect of Concentrate to Fresh Gmelina arborea Leaf Combinations on Haematological and Serum Biochemical Parameters of Rabbit Bucks

Terzungwe Ahemen, Onyilokwu Pius, Philip A. Addass

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Cytomorphology and Seasonal Hematological Parameters in Tegu Lizards (Salvator merianae) Raised in Captivity

Silvia N. Chamut, Osvaldo E. A. Arce

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In vitro Gas and Methane Production of Horse Grass and Calopo at Different Forage to Concentrate Ratios in Rabbits

U. K. Ozuo, S. N. Ukachukwu, M. O. Okpara

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Effect of Tapioca Levels on Production of Swine

Md. Jahangir Alam, Sang-Suk Lee, Sung-Back Cho, Ki-Chang Nam, Ok-Hwa Hwang, Dong-Yun Choi, Seung-Hak Yang, Ha Guyn Sung

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