Clinical Outbreak of Dermatophilosis in Cattle in Kebbi State Nigeria and Review of Literature

M. S. Jibrin, N. N. Pilau, S. Garba, Z. Shehu, U. S. Ahmad, M. L. Sonfada, Y. U. Dabai

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Hematology and Blood Serum Chemistry of Albino Rat Fed Variously Processed False Yam (Icacina trichantha) Root Tuber at Varying Replacement Levels for Maize

S. E. Okosun, A. S. Eguaoje, E. T. E. Ehebha

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A Study on Changes in Gut Microflora, Blood Glucose Level and Lipid Profile of Broiler Chickens Fed with Murraya koenigii Supplemented Diet

T. S. P. Jayaweera, H. G. C. L. Gamage, R. M. R. B. Mahanama, W. U. N. T. S. Ellepola, D. G. Yasawathie, H. A. D. Ruwandeepika

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Therapeutic Evaluation of Terminalia macroptera (Guill. & Perr.) Stembark Extract in Experimental Avian Coccidiosis

M. H. Garba, G. Yusuf, A. O. Abdul-Majeed, M. L. Sherifat, L. J. Bulus, J. Ajayi, L. M. Hafsa

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Proximate Composition of Sun-Dried Rumen Digesta from Goat Slaughtered in Zuru Central Slaughterhouse, Kebbi State, Nigeria

A. M. Sakaba, S. M. Isgogo, A. U. Hassan, U. Z. Sanchi

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