Percentage Viability Spermatozoa in Post-Thawing Boer Buck Semen with Addition of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to Tris Yolk Extender

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Sukma Aditya Sitepu
Zaituni Udin
. Jaswandi
. Hendri


Aims: To ddetermined the effect of the addition of sweet orange essential oil for tris yolk extender to percentage viability spermatozoa in Boer Buck frozen semen.

Study Design: Randomized Block Design.

Place and Duration of Study: Sample: Laboratory Reproduction of Loka Penelitian Kambing Potong Sei Putih Indonesia, between January and March 2019.

Methodology: The research procedure starts with the preparation of semen extender, collection of fresh semen, dilution of semen, equilibration, freezing of semen, and thawing. This research obtained conducted using a Randomized Block Design consisting of 5 treatment levels and five replications. Semen storage using 3 Boer bucks, which has done for three days. As a treatment is the addition of sweet orange essential oil as much as (P0) 0%, (P1) 0.25%, (P2) 0.5%, (P3) 0.75% and (P4) 1% on the tris yolk extender. The observed variable was percentage viability spermatozoa evaluated before freezing and after freezing (Post-Thawing).

Results: The results showed that the addition of sweet orange essential oil had a very significant effect (P <0.01). The results of adding sweet orange essential oil to the extender (Post-Thawing) were 44.8% (P0), 49% (P1), 51.8% (P2), 55.2% (P3) and 59% (P4).

Conclusion: It can be concluded that addition of sweet orange oil to tris yolk extender at 1% gave best results.

Boer buck, post-thawing, sweet orange essential oil, viability spematozoa.

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