Evaluation of Weight and Growth Rates of Awassi Sheep Lambs

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Ahmad Q. Al-Moman
Mysaa Ata
Khaled A. Al-Najjar


This study was conducted at Al-Fjaj station using of 2262 records to evaluate some non-genetic factors affecting Awassi lambs body weight and growth rate in Jordan. Data were analyzed by SAS program using General Linear Model (GLM). Least Square Means of body weight at birth (BW), at weaning -60 days (W60), at the age of 180 days (W180) and yearling age (W360), were 4.43±0.04, 18.07±0.21, 35.96±0.35, 59.71±0.94 kg, respectively. Growth rates from birth to weaning (GR1), from weaning to 180 days of age (GR2) and from 180 days to yearling age (GR3), were 0.216±0.03, 0.141±0.03, 0.131±0.002 (kg/day), respectively. All studied traits were significantly affected (p<0.01) by year of production (YP) and interaction between birth type (BT) and (YP). Sex of lamb (SL) had a highly significant effect (p<0.01) on BW, W60 and GR1. The BW, W60 and GR2 were significantly affected (p<0.01) by (BT) and also W180 and GR2 were significantly affected by (BT) and age of ewe (AE), respectively. The results of the present study suggested that lamb body weight and growth rate could be increased by improved management of Awassi lambs under rearing condition in Jordan.

Weight, growth rate, Awassi lambs, year of production, Jordan

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Al-Moman, A. Q., Ata, M., & Al-Najjar, K. A. (2020). Evaluation of Weight and Growth Rates of Awassi Sheep Lambs. Asian Journal of Research in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 5(3), 26-32. Retrieved from https://journalajravs.com/index.php/AJRAVS/article/view/30094
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