Comparative Analysis of Growth Performance of Broiler Fed with Different Commercial Feeds of Bangladesh

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Abullah Al Momen Sabuj
Nanda Barua
Md. Abu Tayyeb
Md. Akramul Bary


The present research work was conducted to analyze the growth performance of broiler fed with different commercial feeds of Bangladesh. For this purpose, a total of 200 Cobb-500 broiler day old chicks were purchased and divided into four treatment groups and fed with four different commercial feeds produced in feed mills of Bangladesh. Parameters like body weight, feed intake, feed conversion ratio (FCR) and survivability were observed up to 28 days to compare the performance of different dietary groups. Regarding body weight, the highest body weight was recorded in T3 treatment group which was statistically different from remaining groups (P<.05). Among the four treatment groups, highest and lowest total feed intakes were found in T3 (2388.8 g/bird) and T1 (1772.2 g/bird) groups. Average feed intake was found higher at four weeks of age in every treatment groups compared to early one to three weeks and they were statistically significant ((P<.05). FCR value was highest (1.55:1) in T2 dietary group indicated lower feed conversion efficiency and T4 dietary group showed better feed conversion efficiency as the FCR value was lowest (1.33:1). Compare to other treatment groups, T4 group showed 100% survivability. The present study reveals that feeds supplied to T3 and T4 were found to be better than those of T1 and T2 for the production of commercial broiler for the age of duration of day old to 28 days. So, farm owner of Bangladesh needs to check the nutrient content of commercial feed properly before providing it to broiler chickens. 

Broiler, feed, body weight, feed intake, FCR.

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Sabuj, A. A., Barua, N., Tayyeb, M., & Bary, M. (2019). Comparative Analysis of Growth Performance of Broiler Fed with Different Commercial Feeds of Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Research in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 3(3), 1-6. Retrieved from
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