Vaccination and Treatment of Local Poultry Kept under Different Management Systems

Assam Assam, Paul Abdu

Page: 1-9
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Effects of Dietary Rice Offal Inclusion Level and Enzyme (Natuzyme) Supplementation on the Performance and Nutrient Digestibility of Finisher Broiler Chicken

Patience Belikisu Egbunu, Comfort Doshima Tuleun, Kanan Tyohemba Orayaga, Sylvester Eke Adejoh

Page: 10-23
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Effect of Egg Size on Reproductive Traits Keet Mortality and Growth Performance of the Pearl Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)

G. Twumasi, C. G. Kyere, S. Y. Annor, A. Doudu, O. Korankye, D. Nyameah

Page: 24-29
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Corn Based-diets Containing Corn Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles on Performance, Ruminal Fermentation, In vitro Methane Emissions, Carcass and Meat Quality of Lambs

K. R. Curzaynz-Leyva, J. R. Bárcena-Gama, D. Hernández-Sánchez, M. M. Crosby-Galván, J. C. Escobar-España, E. A. Santillán-Gómez, O. Cabañas-Martínez

Page: 30-40
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Histopathological Lesions of Coccidiosis Natural Infestation in Chickens

Victoria Bose Olabode, Dashe Yakubu Gunya, Umaru Mada Alsea, Tobias Peter Pwajok Choji, Israel Joshua Barde

Page: 41-45
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